What to Look for in Emergency Dentists in Fremantle

Many people think of visits to the dentist as routine occurrences, yet occasionally people can experience dental emergencies that require an immediate, unexpected trip to a professional. Although these happenings are rare, they do occur from time to time. If you find yourself experiencing one of these situations you will want to have a clear plan of where to turn to quickly find quality emergency services. These following tips of things to look for in an emergency dentist will help you to identify an emergency dentist near you who will be a great resource to you if you ever find yourself in any sort of emergency dental situation.

1.Relaxed Atmosphere

Emergencies in any situation can be remarkably stressful. It is imperative to one’s peace of mind that they can receive emergency care in a facility that has a calming ambience to put their fears to rest. The process of receiving care shouldn’t add to the stress of a situation that is already not ideal.

It is important to find a dentist who is reassuring and clearly communicates the options and solutions available. A dentist who is calm and methodical will allow the pained patient to feel more at ease and better able to make a decision about their treatment. A dentist who is haphazard and frazzled will only add to the patient’s distress and fear.


Emergencies are often more difficult to deal with than mundane everyday issues. As a result, it is imperative that when faced with an emergency one seeks the help of an experienced professional rather than an untrained novice. Emergencies also often don’t follow the “book”, if you will. They tend to be odd occurrences that aren’t common. However, if an emergency dentist has been practicing for a long time they have likely encountered a wide variety of issues. This will likely allow them to better deal with whatever ailment you may be experiencing.

3.Range of Services

Many people experiencing an emergency don’t know exactly what ails them. Generally, patients are just experiencing a great deal of unexplainable pain. Therefore, they should try to seek help from a dental facility that has experience in a wide variety of dental procedures. In addition to just having experience, it is important that they have the proper supplies and materials to be able to carry out whatever procedure may be necessary to assuage your pain as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4.Quick Response Time

Dental emergencies often leave patients with a great deal of pain that needs to be alleviated as quickly as possible. If a dental emergency facility has a long wait-time or if they require appointments, then it may cause you to be in pain significantly longer than is necessary. Don’t make the mistake of going to an emergency dentist who forces you to wait on their schedule. Find an emergency dentist in Fremantle who prioritises you and will do whatever they can to lessen your pain in as little time as possible.

5.Extended Hours

Unfortunately, emergencies often don’t happen at convenient times. They can happen day or night, weekday or weekend. It is important to keep the contact information handy for a dentist that operates 24-7 or at least longer than just the traditional 9 to 5 just in case an incident occurs at an inopportune time. You don’t want to be stranded at midnight frantically searching for an emergency dentist that happens to be open after tripping over your cat in the dark and chipping your tooth on the coffee table.

Emergency dentists are great people who can assist with a multitude of issues from intense, acute toothaches to chipped teeth. However, it is imperative that you find a trusted, experienced, and reputable emergency dentist so that your problems with be solved quickly, affordably, and with great care. Emergency dentists should be able to attend to your needs in the time and manner that is most conducive to your healing and return to normal life.

For those in the Fremantle area, Fremantle Smiles Dental Care Centre should be considered for your dental emergency needs because we have all the features listed above and more. We have experience in nearly every aspect of dentistry and will work after hours if necessary to provide our patients with the best care possible. Wherever you decide to seek emergency dental services please make sure to take the time to do your research and pick a quality facility that will attend to your needs with the utmost consideration for your health and well-being.