Dentures Fremantle

Why might you need dentures Fremantle? Dentures or plates are an economical or sometimes an intermediate option to replace missing tooth or teeth as indicated.

Dentures can be complete (replacingĀ a full set of teeth) or partial (replacing only the missing tooth/teeth).

Most commonly dentures are made of acrylic or chrome. Chrome dentures tend to be sturdier and thinner than an acrylic denture. They also tend to have better stability and conduction of heat and cold while eating thus being more satisfying than acrylic. They also need to cover lesser tissues and they do not sag onto the gums. Usually, complete dentures are made of acrylic and partial dentures have a chrome body with acrylic teeth.

Partial acrylic dentures can also be made which are usually used for temporary or intermediate purposes to save the gap before a fixed replacement option can be planned.

Do You Need Dentures Fremantle?

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