Cosmetic Dentistry Fremantle

Why might you need cosmetic dentistry Fremantle? Cosmetic Dentistry can be needed in case of

  1. Discoloured and stained teeth
    Causes of these can be:

    • Tea
    • Coffee
    • Wine
    • Ageing
    • Medications
    • Smoking
    • Damaged teeth
  2. Spaced out  or slightly crowded teeth can require 
  3. Unsightly or fractured fillings
    Cosmetic dental treatment can include whitening, replacing old and discoloured fillings with new tooth coloured fillings or inlays/onlays, crowns and veneers.

    • Whitening/ Bleaching of teeth
      Bleaching is a procedure to lighten the colour of the teeth by applying dental bleaching agents in various concentrations as suitable.
      Bleaching can be done in two ways-

      • In the office – A higher concentration of dental bleaching product is used
      • Take-home kit – Custom trays are made and a lesser concentration of dental bleach is supplied to be used at home. This is also recommended for occasional touch-ups after an in-office session.
    • White fillings and Inlays/ Onlays
      Nowadays we can match the shade of fillings as close as possible to natural teeth as more and more people do not prefer the black metallic fillings (amalgam).
      The fillings can be done in different ways

      • White Fillings
        These are composite resin fillings which are placed directly into a prepared cavity and set using a curing light. These are bonded to the tooth thus requiring smaller preparation of the tooth as compared to amalgam fillings which need a certain amount of tooth structure to be taken away.
        The shade of these composite resins can be matched as close as possible to your teeth, especially for front teeth fillings.
      • Inlays/ Onlays
        These are “ceramic” fillings which are sturdier and better shade matched than the composite fillings. They are preferred when a tooth requires a massive filling and where a normal filling won’t withstand the biting forces.
    • Crowns and Veneers—

      In cases where a tooth is heavily restored such that the filling is bigger than the remaining good tooth structure, then it needs full coverage to keep it from crumbling under forces.

      A tooth which is root canal treated is fragile as it no longer receives any nutrition and is usually a candidate requiring a crown. Some teeth tend to develop cracks due to heavy biting forces or habitual grinding of teeth (bruxism). Crowns may also be required to mask the dark shade of teeth or to change their shape for aesthetic reasons.

      Crowns act like a “helmet” for the teeth to protect them from flexing and developing cracks, or to prevent the already formed cracks to deepen any further.

      Crowns can be made in different materials to suit the case as appropriate.

      Veneers are mostly used only for aesthetic purposes – to help close small gaps between the front teeth, help correct minor angulation problems, whiten the shade and help smile make-over as such.

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