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Dental Accident and Emergency

Fremantle Smiles understands that patients with dental emergency require dental treatment and advice as soon as possible. As these patients can’t wait for the appropriate appointment queue, we try to accommodate same-day appointments for all the emergency cases.

Examples of the common cases of dental emergency include;

Do you have a persistent and Severe Toothache – One of the most common dental emergencies is a severe ongoing toothache. Serious toothache that continues all day and night can be painful enough to disturb your day-to-day activities and sleep at night. Left untreated, it can start affecting the overall health.

Wisdom Tooth or Teeth – Wisdom tooth or teeth usually cause problems due to insufficient space in the jaw for it completely erupt out of the gum. It becomes quite difficult to brush and floss properly around the area due to inaccessibility and it eventually leads to bacteria build-up, bad breath, decay, and inflammation. Moreover, partially erupted wisdom teeth can create problems with chewing, leading to mouth ulcers and sore throat. Wisdom teeth, therefore, in most circumstances need to be taken care of as soon as they start causing problems, if not before.

Knocked Out Tooth Accident – Adults and kids can get their tooth (teeth) knocked out of the mouth due to reasons such as sports, accidents that involve falling and tripping, etc. Teeth which are avulsed (knocked out of the mouth) needs urgent attention so as they can be placed back in the socket and repaired.

Broken Fillings or Crowns

Eating and chewing some hard, crunchy, or sticky food can break fillings or crowns, leaving you with pain, sensitivity and the rough and sharp edge of the tooth.

If the crown has broken and has come out of the mouth, just bring it when you see your dentist so it can be put back in case the tooth is still undamaged.

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Next time you experience the inevitable dental emergency, just give us a call. We are a complete dental care centre conveniently located within a short stroll from the CBD. To facilitate and accommodate our customers with busy schedules, we have exceptionally long opening hours on weekdays and we also open from 8.30am – 1.30pm on Saturday.

Fremantle Smiles prides ourselves as a leading dental services provider in Fremantle for over a decade. From the beginning, we have always been updating ourselves to keep abreast of the developing technology. This ensures we provide the highest quality dental treatments using state of the art equipment while keeping our service and atmosphere in the clinic to be pleasant and cosy.

Choose Fremantle Smiles and you can expect reliable and professional dental care in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel at ease and less stressed out about the dental procedure.

To make an immediate/same day appointment for dental emergency or to make any enquiry, please call us at 08 9336 6157 or send us an email to

If unavailable, our other practice South Fremantle Family Dental can also accommodate your request for Emergency Dentist Fremantle.

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